Tracheotomy refers to the surgical opening of the trachea while tracheostomy refers to the creation of a
stoma at the skin surface, which leads to the trachea.

The history of surgical access to the airway is largely one of condemnation. This technique of slashing
the throat to save a life was known as semi-slaughter. However, once the technique was perfected as a
last  resort  in  largely  hopeless  cases  of  diphtheria,  the  opportunities  it  offered  for  medical  heroism
ensured its place in the surgical armamentarium, such that Fabricius could write in the 17th century,
“This operation redounds to the honor of the physician and places him on a footing with the Gods”.
Tracheostomy was performed in ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest surgical procedures. 1  Chevalier
Jackson described the principles of tracheostomy at the beginning of the 20 th  century. 2

Tracheostomies  may  be  temporary  or  permanent.  A  temporary  tracheostomy  may  be  used  as  a
permanent  tracheostomy  however  there  will  still  be  a  communication  between  the  pharynx  and  the
lower airway via the larynx.

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Tracheostomy Overview


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