How to Download PPTs from this site

Some of the visitors had problems downloading the presentations from ISA Kakinada website. We are a non-profit organization and we provide downloads of all the material available on the website. However, many of the presentations are too big and are difficult to host on the site or to send as an attachment in email.

this site hosts its presentations on slideshare.  It saves a lot of bandwidth and makes presentations load faster in your computer. However, if you need to download them and save to your computer, you will have to go to slideshare website.

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after going to slideshare, click  save from the presentation (you may need to create an account on slideshare or login via facebook)

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Please use the comment section below this presentation if you have problems accessing the content of this website. You can also use the comments section on other posts to initiate a discussion on the topic. We are planning to bring in Experts to answer the queries.