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Dr SSC ChakraraoMy Dear collegues,
In an endeavor to keep theme of the year going on I have  prepared  a presentation about ISA,  Its functions, Monitoring standards, Safe operating theater , safety check list, Minimum equipment in OT , Emergency drugs to be available, some advises to our anaesthetists regarding preoperative check up and introduction to the patient, patient consent form and remuneration chart.

Remuneration or anaesthetist’s fee has been much discussed about thing for a long time. Its a general feeling that the remuneration should be decided by the anesthesiologist depending upon the case, the risks involved and not as a proportion of surgeon’s fee. We’ve got  some good response from discussion with our people and everyone thinks that we can sort this with the surgeon/ nursing home owner and  achieve it  to certain extent.

However this will be a  continuous process and will take time to implement . A major reason to this is that people are still not aware about who the anesthesiologist is and what does he do.

I sincerely advise you to  talk to the patient and his relatives before surgery, tell them that you are the person who will relieve the pain during surgery and keep him safe, talk to them again after surgery, wait till the patient is shifted to the room, and make sure the remuneration is paid by the patient’s attendant rather than the surgeon.

In the presentation there’s a suggested  pattern of remuneration suited for Kakinada but you have to decide on your own as per the situation and place and the economic condition of the patient.

Impress up on the the Nursing owner about the safety in OT and minimum equipment, tell them that they have to maintain all those for themselves, tell them that by doing this they can stay away from  litigation.

Anesthesia is one of the most stressful branch of medical science. Instead of working long hours in a day, having no time for yourself and eventually burning out

Charge more, take some time to relax, go for a movie with family, go for a holiday if possible.

Give a feedback, Discuss these things  in your city branch meeting.

Dr SSC Chakrarao

Hon President National

Indian society of Anaesthesiologists