Message from the ISA National President Dr SSC Chakrarao

ISA National President Dr SSC Chakrarao
Dr SSC Chakrarao

My dear Colleagues, Fellow members & Anaesthesiologists,

First of all let me express my gratitude for electing me as President Elect in the year 2012 and now giving me the seat of the ISA National President.

This year 2014 we have a Theme “The Practising Anaesthesiologist”, anaesthesiologists who are practicing alone at district and taluq level and their problems. We have to work on improving the working conditions of those anaesthesiologists, the safety in OT for him and the patient. We have to utilize the registration of Hospitals and Nursing homes act and set some safe standards and advise our lone anaesthesiologist not to administer anaesthesia without Oxygen and equipment for ventilation. In this way we need to touch the Government hospitals also where a good number of caesarean sections and millions of tubal ligations are done. Monitoring of patients with SpO2 & NIBP and EtCO2 for laparoscopic procedures is a must. We have to demand for provision of scavenging systems in OT, adequate number of lead protective aprons when using C-arm, enough protective glasses when laser being used in surgery.

Demanding justified and legitimate remuneration not as part of percentage of surgeons’ charges is must. I think every city branch must come with one’s own fee structure, like what is practiced in Kerala. As we have varied socio-economical conditions and different types of hospitals, the local branches should decide.

This year we must try for the inclusion of Anaesthesia as a subject in the undergraduate curriculum of MBBS, where we can catch the doctors when they are young and teach and create awareness among the medical students. This way of imparting knowledge of resuscitation and basic life support will help them to serve better.

Global warming is the problem of the day. Let’s go green. Save nature. Save trees. On adopting this principle, and for other economic reasons, our esteemed journal of ISA, the IJA, indexed with Pubmed, has gone further and turned out to be an e-journal with printing mandatory hard copies.

Let’s update our database further, let’s make a clean data base with everyone having the mobile number, email ID and Pin code for the postal address and erase those with insufficient information to regularise the membership. I call for the attention all the members, as their involvement is necessary in this data base update.

The new generation anesthesiologist is computer friendly and has information at his fingertips on a mobile or a tablet. At ISA Kakinada city branch we have started a website with an idea to provide quality academic material from the specialists in our field in the form of video lectures, PPTs, journal articles and lot more. the site is located at

I request you to have a look at the site and provide suggestions to improve or new ideas to implement for it to be even more useful for the community. You can click here for sending your suggestions.

I wish you all a great time ahead and look forward to see you soon.


Dr.S.S.C.Chakra Rao,

President – Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (National)

Honorary Secretary, ISA(National) 2009-11,

Ex-Officio Member of GC ISA(National),

Founder Honorary Secretary, FBF- ISA,

Managing Director of Care Emergency Hospital,

Formerly Additional Director of Medical & Health Services, Andhra Pradesh.