Difficult Airway

Difficult Airway Management – Part 1- Presentations

Difficult airway

is defined as the clinical situation in which a conventionally trained anesthesiologist experiences difficulty with face mask ventilation of the upper airway, difficulty with tracheal intubation, or both.

It can be further described as follows

1. Difficult face mask ventilation:

(a) It is not possible for the anesthesiologist to provide adequate face mask ventilation due to one or more of the following problems: inadequate mask seal, excessive gas leak, or excessive resistance to the ingress or egress of gas.

(b) Signs of inadequate face mask ventilation include (but are not limited to) absent or inadequate chest movement, absent or inadequate breath sounds, auscultatory signs of severe obstruction, cyanosis, gastric air entry or dilatation, decreasing or inadequate oxygen saturation (SpO2), absent or inadequate exhaled carbon dioxide, absent or inadequate spirometric measures of exhaled gas flow, and hemodynamic changes associated with hypoxemia or hypercarbia (e.g., hypertension, tachycardia, arrhythmia).

2. Difficult laryngoscopy:

(a) It is not possible to visualize any portion of the vocal cords after multiple attempts at conventional laryngoscopy.

3. Difficult tracheal intubation:

(a) Tracheal intubation requires multiple attempts, in the presence or absence of tracheal pathology.

4. Failed intubation:

(a) Placement of the endotracheal tube fails after multiple intubation attempts.

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A powerpoint presentation on the topic


Another PPT



And Another



Yet Another

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