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Department of Anaesthesiology – Kakinada



1962 : Dr. James paul as the Head of the department

1965 : Dr. Baskar naidu is the HOD – first civil surgeon specialist

1967 : Dr. James paul as HOD

1970 : Dr.C.V.Subbarao first  professor of anaesthesia Kakinada

1975  – 1978 : Dr. T.Gopalakrishna

1978 August :  The post graduate course started at RMC with 1 Diploma + 1Master degree

Dr.Pramalatha Krishna murthy posted as professor

1978  Sep –Dec : Dr.M.Sriram. worked as professor Kakinada

1979  Jan – Dec 1979: Dr.T.Gopalakrishna promated as professor

1981:  second unit was started

Dr.A.S.R.Muthy joind as professor

1983  June– Sept: Dr.K.Harinadh babu as HOD

1983  Sept  – June 1992 : Dr.T.Gopalakrishana as HOD

1985  3rd unit was sanctioned

Dr.A.S.R.Murthy is the professor

1985 – 87 : Dr.D.V.K Menon as HOD

1989  : Dr.D.Viswanthan joind as 3rd unit professor

1991  Augu:  Dr.T.Gopalakrishna promoted as principal, & Dr.A.V.S.N.Murthy as HOD

1992 – 1994 : Dr.P.Jaggarao as HOD

1994 –1996 : Dr.B.Raghavendrarao as HOD

1996 – 2000 : Dr.R.Rangarao as HOD

1998 – 2000 : Dr.V.Sukumar posted as professor

2000 – 2008 June :  Dr.V.Harinadh babu

2008 July – 2010 June : Dr.R.Prathap He also worked as Principal

2010 July & Aug : Dr.B.Soubhagya lakshmi

2010 Sept – 2012 Oct : Dr.A.S.Kameswara rao He also worked as Principal

2012 Nov –Till to date Dr.B.Soubhagya lakshmi

Achievements of ISA Kakinada City Branch

  • Best City branch prize awarded to our branch for the year 2012 in the recently held ISA AP State conference held in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Opened social network page for ISA, City branch in Facebook at
  • A resolution was made in the City branch meeting Dt.07 October 2012 to conduct ISA sponsored CME on 02 December 2012 in Kakinada at Rangaraya Medical College Auditorium.
  • Savings done during the year – Rs.50,000/- which were deposited in an FDR. Assets in the form of FDRs and Current a/c balance as on 10 October 2012 are – Rs.5,00,000/- plus, with accumulated interest.
  • ISCCM, Kakinada city branch was formed and installed on 18 May 2012.
  • Registration of the ISA City branch– done as ‘Kakinada Society of Anaesthesiologists’ with the District Registrar, East Godavari District. The first in the state of AP. Registration number 704 of 2012. We have also applied for PAN number.
  • Cash prize of Rs.2,000/- for best paper by a PG Student in the AP State conference is being sponsored by the Kakinada ISA City branch.
  • Received the Best City Branch award5 times in the years 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2012 at AP State level. (Photo copies of award certificates enclosed).
  • Best City branch twice in 2004 (Bhopal) and in 2006 (Mysore) at national level. (Photo copies award certificates enclosed).
  • ISSP-A.P. formation happened at Kakinada on August 15th 2004 with a slogan ‘Freedom from Pain’.  Dr.KameswaraRao as President, Dr.Pratap as Vice President, Dr.MaheshBabu as Joint Secretary and Dr.ChakraRao as Executive member were elected for the Pain society.  CME on Pain without delegate fee was conducted.
  • City branch achievement: Dr.ChakraRao member of ISA City branch, Kakinada, was elected and successfully served as ISA National Secretary.
  • City branch achievement: Dr.A S KameswaraRao member of ISA City branch, Kakinada, was elected and successfully served as Vice President, ISA National body.
  • Dr.B.V.MaheshBabu, member of City branch is the Editor of ISA-A.P. first News Letter released on 30th Oct.2004 at Rajahmundry.
  • There is maximum participation of members and PGs in various CMEs, State Conferences, South Zone and National Conferences as Speakers and delegates.  Proof with names enclosed.
  • World Anaesthesia Day Celebrations: conducted with Guest lecture and awareness programmes. Oct.16th 2012 report is enclosed in activity album.
  • First Pain and Palliative Care Clinic in Govt. setup in the state of AP, was started by Dr A S KameswaraRao, a member of the ISA, City branch, Kakinada in Govt. General Hospital, Kakinada, in 2005 and is being run successfully by creating awareness through Media and in the administration. Free procedures are being done and free Medicines are being given to the needy patients.
  • All the members of Kakinada city branch except three are life members (list enclosed)including all the post graduatesof Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, who are registered as associate life members of ISA.
  • WFSA CME conducted 2 times in Kakinada in the years 2001 and 2006. First WFSA CME in A.P. state was conducted at Kakinada in March 2001.
  • Our members take active part in IMA activities also. The present Treasurer is one of our members. So we try to invite IMA members also to our meets if the topic is interesting and beneficial to them. We also participate actively in IMA activities like Doctor’s day and World Health Day.
  • Our City branch members have the unique distinction of starting an Emergency hospital called ‘Care Emergency hospital’ 12 years back in partnership with local nursing home owners and consultants of other specialties. It is being run successfully by the Anaesthetists since then and regularly pays dividend. It was a pioneering effort and spurned the starting of other such hospitals in the town.After this venture succeeded, two more members of our city branch started their own exclusive Emergency hospitals which blossomed into full fledged hospitals. One more big hospital was started by another group with majority Anaesthetist’s participation. All the three hospitals are being successfully run and have Arogyasri(AP state health insurance scheme) approval.

The Town Of Kakinada

Kakinada – A dream in the making

Dr. S V Lakshminarayana

Kakinada is a City and a municipal corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 465 kilometres (289 mi) east of the state capital, Hyderabad and is also the headquarters of East Godavari District (largest district of the state of Andhra Pradesh). The city had an urban population of 542,936 in 2011, making it the fourth largest city by area and the fifth largest city by population in Andhra Pradesh. It is spread over an area of 190 km2.

Varioursly described as Madras of Andhra, Mini Bangalore, “Fertilizer City” (owing to the large concentration of fertiliser plants), and “Pensioner’s Paradise”, the city deserves all those accolades and more, for it’s well planned layout and peace loving citizens.

With a history dating back to 260 B C it has it’s ups and downs along with the country under various rulers and never lagged behind in playing it’s role in the various movements of the nation .

Situated on the East Coast of India it is located at a distance of 35 Km to the south from the National Highway No. 5 connecting Chennai and Kolkata. It is 10 Kilometers from Samalkot railway junction which is on the Chennai – Kolkata route. Geographically it is located 16°57’N 82°16’E, 26 ft above mean sea level, with an area of about 14 square miles .

The town  was ruled  by the Satavahana kings until 260 B C, when it came under the rule of Emperor Ashoka. Subsequently it went under the influence of Pallavas, Chalukyas, Cholas, Korukonda Reddies and Kondaveeti Gajapathies.  Sultans of Bahamani and Nawab of Golkonda later ruled it before conceding it to Gajapathies of Orissa once again. In 1571 Nawab of Golconda regained it. Later it came under the rule of Awarangazeb in 1687 and then the Nizam’s rule in 1724. The Zamindari of Pithapuram which included Kakinada and it’s surroundings came into existance during the rule of the Nawabs when it was known as Kakanandawada from which the present name was derived.

The Dutch were the first to make a settlement here and called it Cocanada. Then came the French in 1753 when the Nizam gifted the north circars to them. The English defeated the French in 1758 and left their imprint on the town’s culture and architecture. Many of the town’s well known families still fondly recall their association with the English.

Administratively this area was known as the Godavari district and was formed in 1859. It  was restructured in 1904 and again in 1925 when it was named as East Godavari  with Kakinada as the district head quarters.

Politically, Kakinada played it’s role in the freedom movement. The Indian National Congress held it’s annual session here in 1923 with Sri Mohammed Ali as president. In that session the first move for ‘Sampoorna Swaraj’ was made and the ‘Sevadal’ was also mooted. Great freedom fighters like Maharshi Bulusu Samba Murthy, Smt Samba murthy, Smt Durgabai, Sri Rangaiah Naidu, Sri Garimella Satya Veera Bhadra rao and his wife, Sri Vandematharam Venkata Krishnaiah and his wife, Sri Mosalikanti Tirumala rao, Sri Mullapudi Pallamraju and Prativadi Bhayankarachari made this place famous by conducting civil disobedience, Non co-operation movements, Salt Saryagraha and quit India movements.

The town is located in a very fertile tract, with the waters of river Godavari irrigating it’s lands through the canals fed from the Dowlaiswaram barrage built by Sir Arthus Cotton. The original town is located around the port railway station. Presently the town can be divided into three parts. The town located to the south of the salt creek is known as Jagannadhapuram and contains the older Dutch settlements. The part of the town located in between the salt creek and railway line is the main town which contains it’s buisiness district, Government offices and prominent residential areas. The part located to the north of the railway line contains the newly developed residential areas, industries and the new port. The town is well planned with parallel roads, parks and water tanks. All the movie theatres are situated along a two kilometer stretch of road called the cinema street. So are all the main temples in a street called temple street, which of course is becoming a nursing homes’ street! The General hospital is situated in the centre of the town with the collectorate, the courts and the Zillaparishad nearby. The town railway station and the bus depot are also situated in the heart of the town.

The town has a pleasant climate throughout the year, though summer is a little hot. The various religious groups live in harmony.

The town is a full fledged educational centre. The St Joseph’s convent, St Ann’s convent, C B M school, Ashram public school and  Akshara school of N F C L offer the best in  primary edication. The more than 125 year old P R College, M S Naicker’s Charities, A S D College for women, Ideal college and Andhra University P G Extension centre offer college education. The Medical college, an Engineering college, Mens polytechnic, Lady’s polytechnic and ITI cater to specialized education.

Special mention must be made of the Pithapuram Rajah’s Government college of arts and science. The benevolent Maharaja Ravu Venkata Kumara Maheepathi  Suryarao Bahadur is instrumental in it’s success and it has the distinction of providing educational opportunities to women and the under privileged classes even much earlier than many other organizations. Great teachers like V R Venkateswara Ayyar, Sri Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu, and Dr V Ramakrishnarao were associated with it. Sri Devulapalli Krishna Sastry, Narla, Chalam, and Ismail were the notable products of this college.

The M S N Charities and it’s various instituitions deserve special mention. Set up with a sizeable sum of donation in cash and land by the late Sri Malladi Satylingam Naicker, this Charities is running a High school, a junior college, a Degree college and a Vedapatashala. It also grants scholarships to brilliant students for advanced studies abroad. The world reknowned scientist Dr Yellapragada Subbarao was among it’s recipients.

All these plus points make it a favourite for migrants from around the district and for the old to settle here peacefully after retirement.

The Commercial history is also notable in that it has the oldest chamber of commerce in India. The port was in use since 1805 and has trade relations with Indo-China and Burma. An 18 Sq Km Hope Island located 5 km offshore to the town and formed by sand brought by the River Godavari offers natural protection to the port which was an Anchorage port previously and was developed into a deep water port recently. Rice, Tobacco, Brawn, Soya bean, Groundnuts, Coir and Corn are being exported regularly from this port to Russia, Japan, Chekoslovakia, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries. Recently a fishing harbor and a deep water port were added after a break-water was constructed in the sea.

The religious history portrays one of religious harmony and tolerence. All the major religious groups are represented here. The Dutch built a church in Jagannadhapuram 219 years ago. This is popularly called ‘ St Thomas church of South India’ and was built in Gothic architecture and possesses a very old copy of the Bible. The Muslim’s have their Mosque in the centre of the town on the main road. The Jains have their temple in the buisiness area. The Bheemeswara swamy temple, the Venugopalaswamy temple, Sri Balatripurasundari temple with it’s newly installed Shiva idol in the midst of the koneru, the Raghavendra swamy temple and the Vishnwalayam and Sivalayam of Jagannadhapuram represent the Hindus.

The various religious and philosophical movements are represented by the Theosophical lodge established a century ago and the Brahmoprardhana samaj established in 1898 representing the Brahma samaj.

Literary and cultural organizations like the Andhra Sahitya Parishad, the 106 years old Saraswati Gana Sabha and the Young men’s happy club played a key role in their respective fields. The Surya Raya Andhra Nighantuvu (Telugu dictionery) was the greatest contribution of the Andhra Sahitya Parishad. The young men’s happy club produced great film actors like S V Rangarao, Relangi, Anjalidevi, Rao Gopalarao and Arja Janardhanarao to name a few.

In the field of music the music directors  Satyam and Keeravani belong to this place and the Gangadharam music party is running for more than 50 years and is very famous inside and outside the state of A P.

Athletes like Sri Arja Janardhanarao (Body building), C K Naidu (Cricket) and Kyanam Subbarao belong to this place.

The social service sphere is headed by the Annadana Samajam which was established in 1896. Sravani Old age home, Sri Bulusu sambamurthy group of NGO instituitions, the Red cross, Vimukti Leprosy home and the Guild of services are the other service organizations which are doing active and commendable social service. The Lions’ and Rotary clubs operate Blood banks in addition to their other social activities.

For a pilgrim, Kakinada is a centre point from where he can visit the famous Bheemeswaraswamy temple of Draksharama – known as Dakshina Kasi (30km), Somaramam of Kotipalli (40km), Bheemeswaraswamy temple (Kumaaraaramam) at Samalkot (two of the Pancharamams of A P), Kukkuteswaraswamy temple – Pada Gaya, Datta Kshetram and Kunti Madhavaswamy temple (one of the five Madhava temples of India) at Pithapuram(20km), the 2000 years old Bhavanarayana swamy temple at Sarpavaram (8 km) and the popular Sri Satyanarayana swamy temple on Ratnagiri at Annavaram  (45km).

Industrially kakinada was having only the Sri Sarvaraya spinning mills, Sri Ramadas Motor Transport, the boat building yard and a few steel re-rolling mills till 1980. Then came the big push with the establishment of Godavari Fertilizers, Nagarjuna Fertilizers, oil mills, and the Spectrum Power plant which changed the economics and culture of the town. Kakinada is part of a SEZ (Special economic zone) and a proposed “Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR)”. It is a hub to all the deep sea exploratory activity in the region due to its deep-water sea port and its proximity to the gas fields

The future holds much promise to this City of Golden dreams. The Hope Island is being developed into a major tourist location. The Indian Navy is planning to start a Training centre for Amphibian warfare, here. The Railways have started a survey to bring Kakinada on the main line (of the Chennai – Kolkata route), and as a beginning to link Narasapuram a line was laid up to Kotipalli from here.     With the completion of the Chinchinada bridge and the Yanam – Edurlanka bridge the importance, reach and influence of Kakinada in all spheres is soaring to new heights.

            Medically the town is having a chequered history. The Government hospital with a bed strength of 1200 beds is the referral hospital for the surrounding districts and recently many corporate hospitals and Intensive care units improved the quality and level of care in the town.

Finally to conclude Kakinada, which started it’s journey as a relatively unknown hamlet known as Kakanandawada evolved a lot and is emerging as a prominent player in industry, education and culture. With it’s hoary past and a dynamic present this serene and peaceful town is now shaping into an enviable City of an utopia come true.

The following are some useful links to explore the town from the perspective of the tourist: – wikipedia resource about Kakinada with useful links. – site containing everything about Kakinada. – site of Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada. – site linking to the website of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University – Kakinada. – a good site giving details of religious and tourist destinations near Kakinada. – more about Kakinada – site giving particulars of the tourist trip to mangrove forests (called ‘mada forests’ in telugu) near (12km) Kakinada. – site giving details of one day and two days river cruise on river Godavari 60 km from Kakinada. A must to any tourist and nature lover.

Ex-President’s Message – ISA Kakinada

Good Morning to all my anesthesiologist friends and colleagues,

Dr SSC Chakrarao
Dr SSC Chakrarao

I feel very happy to present to you the website of ISA Kakinada. It has always been my dream to try and create something which will act as a communication channel between the anesthesiologist colleagues across the country and abroad. where people can share their views and thoughts about their work, a place where people can learn together, share their knowledge and grow as perioperative physicians together. In the current age of Internet it was possible through a website only.
we have made this website to try and acheive at least some part of it. In this website we will try to keep you updated of the latest happenings in the world of anesthesia, news about current practices, journal articles, conference information and a lot more.

out of almost 20 thousand registered ISA Members hardly 4 – 5 thousand people are able to attend the national conference , the remaining people miss out the captivating lectures and paper presentations. We have planned to bring all those lectures and talks to the comfort of your home. In the series, we have put the lectures by eminent speakers like Dr Ronald Miller and Dr Paul Hertz on the website. they can be accessed by anyone with a fast internet connection.
I hope there will be a time in near future when we will have a completely online conference / CME where people will be watching presentations from best of the presentors worldwide, Interact with them , ask questions and all of this on their computers sitting at their homes.

PG students are the future of Anesthesiology in India and if we can provide them with proper guidance and teaching from the best in the country, I am sure they will be as competent and efficient as their global counterparts. we are in contact with the best of the teachers from the country and they have generously agreed to contribute to our project. We will put on website previous years DNB / PG Exam question papers, and some of the Model answers written by experienced DNB examiners themselves.

In addition to above we are developing an e – learning portal where there will be short courses on various topics of anesthesia, in these courses people will have narrated slide presentations, PDF articles, assignments, and finally an assessment test followed by certification.

But as with every big effort, I will need the Support of all of you people to make this website the best of its kind. And we don’t need support in the form of money, ISA Kakinada City Branch has generously provided with the funding for the server costs . Dr Subodh Chaturvedi Cardiac Anesthesiologist from Indore is our webmaster and he is doing it for no professional charges.

All we need from you is your input and academic help for the content.

So please help with your suggestions , guidance and ideas and hopefully we will be able to make a change to the Indian Anesthesiology scene.

Dr SSC Chakra Rao
Ex – President  ISA National
Secretary ISA 2009-11
Secretary  Family Benevolent Fund
Formerly Adl Director of Medical & Health Services. AP Hyderabad
Managing Director
Care Emergency Hospital
Kakinada 533001