Pathophysiology of pneumoperitoneum and Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery

Anesthesia For Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery is a principle technique for minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen, and it has been employed in procedures ranging across multiple surgical disciplines. Gynecologic surgeries were among its first applications. The advantages of laparoscopy in comparison to open abdominal surgery include reduced surgical trauma, less pain, fewer post-operative pulmonary […]

Regional Anesthesia in a patient recieveing Anticoagulants – ASRA Guidelines

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Regional Anesthesia in the Anticoagulated Patient
AUTHOR: Honorio T. Benzon

Intraspinal Hematoma

The incidence of intraspinal hematoma is approximately 0.1 per 100,000 patients per year.(1) It is more likely to occur […]

Capnography Simplified


by rjjaramillo

Capnography (end-tidal CO2 monitoring) is a non-invasive measurement of carbon dioxide in exhaled air to assess a patients’ ventilatory status. It may also be referred to as partial pressure end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring (PETCO2). The end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) level is a reflection of global CO2 production in the body. Cardiac function, pulmonary […]

Topical Anesthetics to support Intubation

Anesthesia for Non Obstetric Surgery During Pregnancy

Non obstetric surgery during Pregnancy
Surgery during pregnancy is complicated by the need to balance the requirements of two patients. Under usual circumstances, surgery is only conducted during pregnancy when it is absolutely necessary for the wellbeing of the mother, fetus, or both. Even so, the outcome is generally favourable for both the mother and […]

Ambulatory Anesthesia- Video Lecture By Dr Jayshree Sood

 Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgeries
Ambulatory Anesthesia:  We are in the midst of a major shift in surgical practice. For a variety of reasons ranging from patient preference to cost,surgery is changing from an inpatient to an outpatient activity. Day surgery is defined as planned investigations or procedures on patients who are admitted and discharged home […]

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Practicing Anesthesiology – Dr SSC Chakrarao




My Dear collegues,
In an endeavor to keep theme of the year going on I have  prepared  a presentation about ISA,  Its functions, Monitoring standards, Safe operating theater , safety check list, Minimum equipment in OT , Emergency drugs to be available, some advises to our anaesthetists regarding preoperative check up and introduction to […]

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Perioperative Management of Patient on cardiac medications

A Presentation by Dr PSN Raju about Patient on cardiac medications

Other online PDF Articles about patient on cardiac medications
Medication in the perioperative period – stop or continue

Perioperative medication management – Cleveland journal of medicine article

Message from the ISA National President Dr SSC Chakrarao

My dear Colleagues, Fellow members & Anaesthesiologists,

First of all let me express my gratitude for electing me as President Elect in the year 2012 and now giving me the seat of the ISA National President.

This year 2014 we have a Theme “The Practising Anaesthesiologist”, anaesthesiologists who are practicing alone at district and taluq level […]

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Anesthesia For Liver Transplant

A significant progress has been made in the last two decades in the field of orthotopic liver transplantation since it was first performed in 1967. It now stands as a standard therapy for many patients with acute and chronic liver disease. The success in this field is due to the advancements and innovations which […]

Pregnancy with Mitral Stenosis – PG long Case

Pregnant patients are very commonly posted in PG and DNB exams as long case and are very much dreaded by the students as the viva can lead anywhere from pregnancy, anemia to cardiac surgery….. I have posted some very good online resources in this post. You can like our facebook page and keep getting […]

PDPH – Post Dural Puncture Headache

Post dural puncture headache
Spinal anaesthesia developed in the late 1800s with the work of Wynter, Quincke and Corning. However, it was the German surgeon, Karl August Bier in 1898, who probably gave the first spinal anaesthetic. Bier also gained first‐hand experience of the disabling headache related to dural puncture. He correctly surmised that the […]