Obstetric Emergencies

Anesthesia Management in Obstetric Emergencies

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In obstetrics there are two patients to care for instead of one, a mother and a baby or fetus. The management of one patient heavily affects the management of the other. Sometimes the decision has to be made to care for one patient at the expense of the other; i.e., care for the mother first. The second patient (the fetus) may be viable or not.

Basic care of the patient(s) includes the ABCs of resuscitation: airway, breathing, and circulation.  The patient should be quickly assessed, as much history obtained as possible, and a quick physical examination performed.  Are vital signs stable?  Is the patient in shock?  IV access should be obtained, and two large bore IVs placed, if there is active bleeding.  Does the patient (and baby) need oxygen?  What laboratory and radiographic
studies are needed?  How much blood does the blood bank have at this institution?


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Anesthesia in Obstetric Emergencies

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Obstetric Emergencies

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