Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machines – Presentations for Students

Anaesthesia Machines have come a long way from the boyle’s apparatus in 1917 to the anaesthesia workstation of today. It has always been one of the most important topics in anaesthesia exams all over the globe.

Below are some powerpoint presentations on Anesthesia machines which i found on the Internet. i hope they will be useful for the PG students.


Anesthesia Machine

An exhaustive Presentation on Anesthesia Machine and Equipments


Another wonderful presentation for students


Anesthesia Machine


 Download PDF Articles on Anesthesia Machine from IJA

there is a download link for a zip file which contains PDFS of articles about Anaesthesia machines, their safety features and more. these are the articles from Indian journal of Anaesthesiology and can be accessed at IJA Website also.