Anesthesia For Liver Transplant

Anesthesia For Liver Transplant

A significant progress has been made in the last two decades in the field of orthotopic liver transplantation since it was first performed in 1967. It now stands as a standard therapy for many patients with acute and chronic liver disease. The success in this field is due to the advancements and innovations which evolved – in the form of better pre and post transplant care, improved anaesthesia, innovative surgical strategies, early detection of complications and progress in the field of immunosuppression. Liver transplantation is now a routine procedure in numerous medical centers throughout the world. The issues involved in the conduct of anaesthesia in this novel procedure are highlighted.

Anesthesia for Liver transplant – Dr Palepu B Gopal

Presentation by Dr Sandeep

Post operative ICU management of Liver transplant Patients


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