Ambulatory Anesthesia

Ambulatory Anesthesia- Video Lecture By Dr Jayshree Sood

 Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgeries

Ambulatory Anesthesia:  We are in the midst of a major shift in surgical practice. For a variety of reasons ranging from patient preference to cost,surgery is changing from an inpatient to an outpatient activity. Day surgery is defined as planned investigations or procedures on patients who are admitted and discharged home on the day of their surgery but who require some facilities and time for recovery. In most countries, including ours, this means that the patient spends a few hours in hospital and does not stay overnight.
However, in the USA, day surgery is termed ‘ambulatory surgery’ and includes patients who may spend upto 23 hours in hospital, allowing a greater range of procedures to be performed.

Below is a video of lecture given in ISACON 2012 by Dr Jayshree Sood on the same topic.


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